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Cruise The Caribbean!Cruise The Caribbean!

What to bring on a Caribbean Cruise? Check out our Cruise packing list

What to bring on Caribbean Cruise?  Cruise the Caribbean put together a cruise packing list, one for women and another cruise packing list for men.  We hope the following cruise packing list and tips will help you on your next cruise.  

You will want to check your airline tickets for luggage weight, some airlines have a 50 pound limit on baggage. There is an extra fee for heavier bags. With the new safety rules you will notice extra security, having a little patience will help. After all, they are looking out for our protection.

Carry on Bag:  Should include your basic items, travel docks, photo Id, passport, medications in original bottles,  and an out fit for the next day.  The first night your in Miami it is nice to have everything you need (just in case your luggage may get  lost). Also, it is nice not having to open your big bag.  Keep alll your valuables  with you. Once you get onthe ship each cabin has a safe for your valuables. 

Cruise Tips:  All the tips are added into the cruise except for the porters at the docks,  we recommend you carry $1 bills for porters and taxies. The ship will issue an on board credit card; it is a cashless cruise except when you go to port.  All soft drinks and alcohol have a 15% gratuities which will be added to your bill. .

Cruise Packing: Travel as light as you can, small bottles of toiletries, remember you will only be one week. Fold away bag and bubble wrap  for the goodies you might purchase. Typically a cruise includes two formal nights, two semiformal nights, and casual nights. This ship does have a laundry in case you run out of clothes

Formal night: dark business suit, shirt & tie, dress shoes & socks work well. You can also rent tuxedo on board if you wnat to go all out.
Semiformal night: sport coat (optional), collared shirt & tie, dark shoes & socks
Casual night: sports shirt & slacks

Formal night: cocktail dresses or evening gown. You can have one basic long black dress with different tops & jackets, add flashy jewelry to dress it up, or a long black skirt with different tops saves on packing. One pair of black shoes to go with both outfits.
Semiformal night: dressy, but informal, like you would wear to the office, or a nice dinner.
Casual night: sundresses, skirts, dress pants

Daytime wear for women & men: casual comfortable outfits, lightweight pants shorts, good walking shoes, i try to color match all my outfits, makes it easier, to put together a wardrobe. Women have to have a cover over their swimming suits if they aren't on the deck. Shoes are heavy & take up a lot of room, so try keep them to a minimum.

Motion Sickness:
We have traveled with friends that have used the "Relief Band" as a drug free way of dealing with motion sickness. The results have been outstanding!
(Thanks for the tip Rick)

What to bring on a cruise

Female Cruise Packing List

• U.S. Passport
• 2 swimming suits- swim cover
• Make up, eye solution, mirror
• Pepto Bismal, Aleve, any medications
• Contacts-glasses plus extras
• Light jacket
• 4 casual dress or pant suits
• 5 shorts
• 6 casual shirts & t shirts
• Nylons ,slip, bras, underwear, belts
• Nightwear
• 2 formal dress-evening bag
• Black heels
• Jewelry
• Hat 
• Sunglasses
• Sandals-walking shoes
• Socks
• Sewing kit (mini)-lint sheet
• Curling iron
• Hair blower (provided in cabin)
• Extra bag- zip lock bags
• Pillow (if you can’t live with out it)
• $1-$5 bills are good for tipping
• Water bottle-fanny pack
• Sun glasses-sun screen-bug repellent-tote
• Bright ribbon (tie on luggage so you can find it)
• Cameras-film- extra batteries-underwater camera
• Make copies ( copies of birth cert, name, address put in side luggage in case it gets lost and name tag is gone)
• Optional: snorkeling equipment
• Bag for dirty clothes
• More $ less clothes
Male Cruise Packing List

• U.S.Passport
• Swimming suit (Fast Drying)
• Razor, comb, deodorant, etc.
• Medications
• Contacts / Glasses & spare
• Light jacket or wind breaker
• Under shorts / socks
• Tee shirts / shorts
• Suit jacket & pants (black looks dressy)
• White dress shirt
• Tie & Clasp
• Dress socks, shoes & belt
• Walking shoes-sandals or flip flops (for deck)
• 2 casual pants ( wear one on plane)
• 4 shirts with collars (i.e. polo shirt)
• Water bottle / Sunglasses / Sun screen
• Fanny pack & hat
• Camera (underwater?) Batteries / Charger
• Bright ribbon for luggage
• Contact Info / Itinerary for inside luggage
• Optional: snorkeling equipment
• $1 & $5 bills (for tips & taxi) Credit Card
• Bag for dirty clothes
• Extra suite case and bubble wrap (for the bottles)
• More $ less clothes 

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